Concept Dropping

concept dropping (v) – the act of incoherently stringing together concepts for the sole purpose of using said concepts to impress an uninformed audience. (see also: transparent meme-whoring)

Steve Gillmore provides what should now be seen as the canonical concept-dropping example on TechCruch:

Simply put, you have to have the ability to broadcast an acuity for successful guesses. We’re at the doorway of gesture farming, where individual gesturers go beyond implicit behavior harvesting and aggregation and overtly share not just what they like but what they ignore. We’re seeing this in the political realm, where people are tuning out repetitive and shrill networks built on track spamming (Reverend Wright, Day One, electability) and tuning in to credible authentic sources regardless of media affiliation. They’re going direct via TinyUrl and their social graph (follow/track/filter) ontology



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