Appozite starts to take shape

I’m currently in the process of getting my new company, Appozite, off the ground. We’re still being a little intentionally vague about what exactly we’re doing but suffice it to say that I’m excited enough about it to leave my job at Kadro Solutions to get Appozite off the ground. We’ll start to fill everyone in on the details in time. Just know that we’re doing some very exciting stuff coming up with better ways to connect people with products that delight them.

This last week we launched two Appozite blogs: Appozitegeist and dev.appozite. There’s not much there yet, but there will definitely be a lot more to come.

Appozitegeist is my co-founder Jenn’s space to talk about the intersection of social software, shopping and style. She’ll give you her take on how people are using all their shiny social software to keep up with all the shiny new styles.

dev.appozite is where I’m going to geek out (much like I’ve been doing here) and talk about what we’re up to from a technical perspective. I’m passionate about web standards, building scalable systems, programming languages and algorithms. I’ll talk about all those things and whatever else comes to mind on dev.appozite.

Anyway, we’re really psyched about what we’re doing at Appozite so check out the blogs and follow along because we’re going to be changing the way you shop.


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