Jan 09

Bringing RSS to e-Commerce: Announcing ZiteFeed

ZiteFeed - Feeds for e-commerceRSS and related syndication technologies (like Atom) have become just about ubiquitous online these days. We expect every self respecting blog and news site to show us that cute little orange broadcast logo when we visit that lets us know they’re interested in keeping us up to date with their latest information. Pretty much every social site offers the option to receive updates via RSS. In short, it’s a critical and widely-supported technology all over the web. In fact, RSS is becoming so well known that people aren’t even searching for it to find out what it means anymore.

There’s one place online though where the syndication revolution just hasn’t taken hold. Yet… That’s on e-commerce sites. Many times I’ve been on a site that had some products I wanted to keep an eye on but found there was no way to be notified when prices change, the store has a sale or new items come in. Instead I was stuck with two options:

  1. Sign up for an email newsletter that would land in my inbox who knows how many times and probably not contain anything I was interested in.
  2. Try to remember the site and visit it later.

Guess which one I usually chose? You guessed it, neither one! That’s not good for me and it’s not good for the retailer. I lose out on finding just what I’m looking for and the retailer loses an eventual sale. If I had the option of receiving unobtrusive relevant updates in my feed reader, I would happily have subscribed and probably returned to the store to buy something. Without that, I just forget it.

Well, at Appozite, we’re fixing this problem with today’s launch of ZiteFeed. ZiteFeed provides a simple way for any e-commerce site to turn routine product updates and promotions into RSS feeds. ZiteFeed hosts the feeds, provides easy-to-use embeddable widgets for feed subscriptions and gives site owners in-depth reporting so they can measure how their feeds are used. Just like any RSS feeds these can be added to feed readers, placed on personalized home pages and generally subscribed to in any software that understands RSS.

If you run an e-commerce site and you’re interested in adding ZiteFeed functionality to your site, let us know. And if you’re buying online from a store that doesn’t offer feeds, tell them they’re missing out and send them to ZiteFeed!