Mar 09

Austin on Rails Talk: Building TweetReach with Sinatra, Tokyo Cabinet and Grackle

I gave a talk last night (3/24/2009) at Austin on Rails about building a new (yet-to-be-released) application called TweetReach using tools that are somewhat off the beaten path. These included Sinatra, Tokyo Cabinet and my new Twitter API library: Grackle (which I’ll talk about in more detail in a future blog post).

I referenced some code during the “Building TweetReach” part of the presentation. If you’re interested, you can download it.

By the way, I was the second speaker of the night. Mike Perham spoke before me about caching with Rails. Check his stuff out as well. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Update 4/2/2009: Launched TweetReach! Go check it out.

May 08

Adventures in Macro Blogging

I’ve been using Twitter seriously for several months now and I really enjoy the rapid information exchange of the micro blogging platform. I’ve never been able to sustain a “real” blog for very long but I’ve stuck with Twitter. That 140 character limit is a far lower barrier to entry than the blank HTML text area of WordPress admin which seems to call for so much tedious “organization” and “coherence”. All that said, I’m going to give macro blogging another try as I do occasionally wish to express myself in more than the length of a text message. Here’s hoping for relatively frequent, somewhat coherent posts longer than 140 characters.